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Originally Posted by JonezNReef View Post
The before picture looks like it has more actinic lighting. Could be why it doesn't look the same colors as before. If it is truly browning out that usually is a sign it needs more light
Yeah, it could be lighting (no Actinic), camera setting, etc. ( I need to be consistent) for comparison photos.

But Watching closely.

I know my lighting is on the low side, and that is safer till the corals Acclimatize (some are newbies).

My lights are at 15" above water, and I can lower much more. Lowest I will go is 12"
My MH Bulbs are 250W each, but running Switchable Ballast at 150W for now.
Plenty of Sunlight Power on standby. (PLUS my Main Lighting PhotoPeriod is only 6.5hours. Target is 8 hours)

Learned lesson last time, when I went too aggressive with Lighting intro. I bleached some corals to death in one day.

They will grow with lighting they have for now. Then with new growth I can tune up for coloration.

Plus the AF Component 1,2,3, Dosing is only 2 days. Part 3 has minerals and trace elements (Iron, etc). Let that kick in for green, etc.


1) Under-Dose - All Additives (except ALK,CALCIUM, MAG)
2) Under Dose - Lighting (Intensity, PhotoPeriod) (And ramp up VERY slowly)
3) Circulation - Moderate (Variety, Few Power Sweeps, Semi-Calm at Night, but still active)
4) OVER DO - Water Changes For now
5) Maintenance Keep Tank Glass Spotless, Clean all filters, Powerheads, Algae Scrubber, skimmer (Weekly).

Slow, Steady, Safe... Fine Delicately tune over time . (Based on Observations, and "only 1 change at time")

I learned since all points above, I didn't do before, and that was my root cause of every failure/problem.

I will however admit that I have a hard time on "Make one change at time', since I like to tinker !!

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