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TANK CIRCULATION (Re-Programmed) with Daily Power Sweep

So as I detailed in a Table in previous Post, the Circulation Pumps (ALL TOGETHER at Max-Power) have a potential of 10,000 Gal/Hour.

That Power is distributed in various setting, thus never all combined.
In general I'm running about 25% of that (ie 2500 Gal/Hour - STAGGERED) or 25x my Tank Water Volume. Evenings much less.

I never bothered to tune things up, so everything was a bunch of random setting.

I created a bunch of NEW Apex Profiles to mix up the tank more randomly, and also few Extra Quieter Night setting.

I also added a Daily Power Sweep which I tested to ensure it's safe for corals, fish, and possible spills/overflow.

The Sweep Runs every night from 11:00 to 11:15pm, most of the power work in the first 5 minutes (PHASE 1).

The rest of the cycle is to Flush any suspended particulate from Tank, into Sump Filtration (PHASE 2)

A couple of pictures are best way of describing the Power Sweep.

PHASE 1: (Stir and Suspend Particulates)

1) Activates the two Koralia Pumps at the bottom of the tank
2) Then the Gyre going into Overdrive, to swirl the Tank (length wise)
3) The Jebao-CP 25 swirls the tank (Width wise)
4) Together along win some Swirl Swirl flow, the TANK WATER CHURNS.

PHASE 2: (FLUSH Particulates)

1) The Koralia Pumps Continue to keep the Bottom of the tank Circulating.
2) Now the DC Waline Return Pump goes into Overdrive via the Sea-Swirl
2) The Top Gyre and CP 24 pumps are off allowing Surface Circulation to move towards the Tank Return.

I tested this programming and within 15-20 minutes the Tank is Crystal clear again.

I also ensure that circulation doesn't slow down too much right after Power Sweep, such that the suspended particulates don't settle on corals, rocks.

Since this is after feeding time, some trapped food gets raise into water column, and fish get a after meal snack.
Too bad for Clean up Crew. They need to work harder for left overs (which mean more effective clean up of tank).

By Midnight when Accent lights go out, tank is clean. Fish are exercised, and get some quiet circulation sleep time.
Corals now can open up their Polyps for nightly feeding.

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