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My FIRST (Tiny) ACCIDENT [ In New Tank Setup]

It wasn't big, and won't happen again.

I was tidying up my fish food containers and there was an almost empty can of pellets.
Instead of doing the usual "pinch and feed", I couldn't reach the bottom, so I thought I'd shake a bit of the pellets out.

I tipped the can too much and a good 3/4 Tablespoon of pellets poured out

Glad I just changed the GFO media, since I'm sure NO3 and PO4 will spike a bit.

I should see the Algae Scrubber kick in.

I guess the Hermit's are laughing at me, for setting up the new Tank Sweep Circulation mode. and taking away some of their settled meals.

If I get another fish, it will be a grazer for picking up Food and Pellet from Bottom of tank.

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