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Phosphate (PO4) Dropping after new GFO Media.

After 24 hours, PO4 dropped from 0.14 to 0.10 ppm.

It will probably continue to drop, and I will turn off, or tune down reactor when/if it reaches 0.05.

I'm am not sure how the Algae Scrubber will react, but it will be interested to find out.

I do what PO4 to be detectable, so need some room on P04 Level, just in case Scrubber continues to consume P04.

I remember the nightmare I had during my Last Tank setup, where GHA Algae was blooming like crazy (Picture in Post above) and PO4 was 0.00 (Even the Hanna Phosphorus kit couldn't pick any level up PO4). I never understood that at the time, but now understand that during an Algae Bloom Algae consumes PO4 like crazy, so none in the water column (but a Ton leaching from the Rocks). (A big mistake I did, is I scrubbed and pulverized the Algae off the rock and siphoned/sift the Algae Scrub through a sock with water going back into my sump). Result was PO4 contained in the Algae Soup SPIKED my PO4 Level off the roof and severely damaged/killed the SPS corals.

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