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OOPS!! Another Mistake/Accident (But a Good One)

This better not become a pattern with this new Setup (Mistakes).

However when I took the photos of the Frags above (Earlier today), I manuallly turned on the BACK T5 (Coral Plus Bulb).

But I never turned it off, so it ran all day. I never could tell till all lights went out and the one T5 was still running.

One T5 at the back wouldn't cause any damage (like MH light left on).

But after I turned the T5 off, I shined the UV flashlight a the Frags (Both Front side and Back Side).
I could see the green glow, more prominent at the back of the frags, so this proves my lights being so high off tank are not enough lighting for these Corals (PAR wise).

The idea I just got. Rather then lower the MH fixture or increase the MH light power, I'm going to increase the two T5 Photo Periods (as the first ramp up on lighting).
Currently the BluePlus & Coral Plus (T5's) only run accent lights for a few hours (Very little as filler during MH lights).

This (2x T5 bit staggered) will be more gentler, and less prone to trigger any algae since they are more in the Blue Spectrum, but still some full spectrum in there.

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