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Good News!!! (PO4 dropped to 0.06ppm [50% reduction in 5 days] )

I tested twice with the Hanna Phosphorous Test Kit to be sure.

I guess the Algae Scrubber working in conjunction with the new GFO media is doing the job.

This is great considering I added another fish, and have been feeding a bit more.

The GFO reactor is running at slow trickle.

I can tell that the Algae Scrubber has slowed down (not producing Algae as fast).

Also the tank is now 99% Algae Free. New Turbo Snails are hunting everywhere for something to eat. They started going on the glass which is not typical. (Kind of cool, since they are doing great job, and I notice Glass Algae isn't building up as fast either). Double Whammy on Glass (Low P04 and Snails)

I'll check in a few more days, and if PO4 Continues to drop (ie below 0.05), I'll either reduce the GFO flow, or turn it off. Maybe in the long run, I'll put GFO reactor on a timer schedule.

I even allowed myself the luxury of feed the Corals (just once) some of the AF Coral Food after lights went out. Not going to start feeding daily, but once a week if PO4 continues to be this good.

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