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Exclamation I don't like the growth I see..........

Guys, need your help. I think this hobby has suckered me. haha
  • 90 gallon reef tank with a 30 gallon fuge
  • Running protein skimmer which doesn't pull out as great of quantity and darkness like I seen some photos of some doing.
  • GFO.
  • Dose 30 ml of vinegar 3x a day
  • Dose 6ml of Seachem Reef Plus 1x a week
  • Dose 6ml of Seachem Reef trace 1x a week
  • Dose 10ml phytoplankton daily
  • Weekly water changes with RODI unit and Instant Ocean
  • Feed mysis, brine every 2 days.
  • Feed flakes daily.

  • Salinity 1.026
  • Temp 78 F
  • Calcium 340
  • Magnesium 1500, maybe slightly higher
  • Alkalinity 12dkh

  • Torch coral - really has not shown growth over the last year
  • trumpet coral - probably get 2 heads a month
  • pulsing xenia- this has stayed about the same
  • green star polyp - great growth, every month its just taking over
  • green polyp duncan- great growth
  • zoanthids - all of them are growing great few heads a month
  • gold tip hammer - lost in the last year
  • doughnut coral - this barely opens, has been same nickel size for year
  • toadstool - was huge, like 3 inch diameter for the last year, then in the last month, it slowly fell apart, and now i have a nickel size.
  • green birdsnest sps - great growth
  • brain coral - very little growth
  • mushroom coral - that thing left me in a month
  • acropora??- turned brown, very little color. good growth though.

Fish invert
  • 2 x blood red shrimp
  • fox face
  • kole tang
  • coral beauty
  • pajama cardinal
  • 5 x blue chromis
  • various red and blue crabs
  • Few snails
  • coral shrimp
  • benny
  • firefish

I have alot of detritus in the refugium and on the DT crushed coral bed. I can move a stick through the crush coral and it gets cloudy fast. I siphoned the best I can twice in 3 months. Is this normal?

Chateo DOES NOT grow. I have two simple clip on lights per the forums, running opposite of DT.

Carbon- I started with Vodka, and then switched over the vinegar. Vodka created weird stringly things at time, clogged the pipes, and screwed up flow. Big buildup in pipes. After switching to vinegar, I didn't see this issue. Been dosing the same amoount for few weeks, but not sure what my limit is. I can tell you one thing, I have no algae.

Can I add more fish or am I maxed?

Aptasia attack. I have so many that prop up. I use aptasia X every 2 weeks. The corner reef tank area has alot in there that I cant even get rid of.

What can I do about the coral growth?

I bought all these supplements for mg, calcium and alk but never use them because it appears I am maxed. Any feedback greatly appreciated. I am not happy with the coral growth overall.

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