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What lights do you have? Also, I would be careful adding any pH buffer as it will increase your alk even more. Adding 2 part alk and calcium is ideal. I would do a water change to help balance the levels. Then test again and start your 2 part. I use ESV. You don’t need to add more fish. Feeding more will increase your bio load as well causing nitrate and phosphate increases. And you can control how much you feed. Adding another fish would mean more food and of course more bioload. Do you spot feed your corals? That can help with growth. Regarding your brown sps coral, I’m assuming it’s because of higher phosphate.


265g w/ 20" synergy overflow box
Hamilton Cebu MH/T5 fixture w/ 250w Radium bulbs
SPS/LPS mix | 30g (long) refugium with cheato | 40g sump
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