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Went for a ride yesterday to check out the LFS in my area(2 1/2 hour drive not quite local lol) as I haven't been to an LFS in quite a while.

Ended up buying a 4 head duncan for $10, a nice pink trachyphyllia, 2 acan frags, and a maze brain. Fingers crossed the acans make it.

If you been following my trails and tribulations you know the issue I've been having with any acans I put in my tank, or any coral for that matter. Which is a real PITA in my eyes as acans are one of my favorite corals.

Slowly starting to restock my tank with coral, and I have 4 fish that are in a QT tank until May 1. 2 midnight clowns, yellow eye kole, and the only original fish I have left my female leopard wrasse.

I'll post photos in the next post as it's way easier from tapatalk.

80G SCA Build:

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