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Dude you pay shipping and I can shoot you some SPS frags....that from the sounds of it would go for hundreds up there. LOL

Fraggable at any time I have bubblegum digi, oregon tort, superman digi, wwc yellow tip, pink milli, sunset milli, bubblegum milli, strawberry shortcake, UC strawberry shortcake. Even have the basics like green slimer, green planet, deepwater teal tip acro, blue acro, and more.

Coming soon I have disney, wwc suicide squad, blue matrix, event horizon, ora tort chip, pearlberry, and a couple other escaping me at the moment.

The blue could have been an overpriced oregon tort. It is a VERY slow grower so does tend to be priced higher in a lot of areas if supply is limited.

150 SC tank build:

Some have bar tabs. I have a coral tab at my LFS. Life goals.
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