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Got my frag rack in yesterday, unfortunately I cannot put it on my overflow like I planned as the magnet is a little to weak to hold through the 3/4 glass and plastic covering. It's a bit smaller then I was imagining, but it will do. I often wonder if the people who make these "realistic" items for our tanks actually ever look at what a real tank looks like? The fake purple is too purple and looks nothing like any coralline I've seen. You can definetely tell its a fake rock. lol

I'm thinking I might try to make my own rack out of some stronger magnets, sand, and concrete. That way I can put it wherever the heck I want, and it won't look super fake.

Little green slimer is still doing great and now that I've moved it into direct flow and closer to the light I can really see it's polyps extending now. It has one side with very few polyps and slightly brown. I'm going to guess this is due to LED shadowing as thats what it was under at the LFS and has been that way since I brought it home.

Everything else is doing great ATM(don't want to jinx it), tank is finally coming along nicely. ATS is working as it should be(cleaning about 1/2C of algae weekly off the screen). I have noticed since I'm not feeding the fish(fallow time), my screen has gone to being all slimy again. Thinking I might just ghost feed the tank so my screen doesn't die off and I have to start all over again when I dump all the fish back in. Plus my nutrient level is a little too low for my liking(PO4 - .053 think this is fine, but NO3 is 0 on 4 different test kits(salifert, red sea, API, and NYOS) so it obviously is actually 0). I'm going to let it ride for now as I have no fish producing waste, and corals look super healthy, but might have to look into dosing nitrates in the near future.

I'll post a couple pics in a few hours when the lights come on.


looking like beginning to mid April I'll be coming down Soul. Even if your gone, I can make a day trip sometime(it's only a 6 hour drive one way lol) Would really love to meet you, your family, and see your tank(more to see your tank, but that's the reef geek in me lmao).

80G SCA Build:

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