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My name is Hose' Emanis.

If you get that your probably about my age. My name is Bill Wetzel and have been keeping marine tanks since the early 80's, yes thats the 1980's. I have had freshwater since I was about 10 and switched to SW after taking up scuba diving and saw what was in the ocean. My first saltwater tank was a 180 gal tank I built from marine grade plywood and a glass front. This was a fish only tank and housed a 14" queen angel and a 12" voltan lionfish for several years.
Today after going through several tanks from a 75 to a 90 to a 210 I now have a 300 gal DD tank with 3- 65 gal tanks attached to the system, for frags and a sump. I have a mixture of softies, LPS and SPS corals some about teh size of a basketball. The fish include a 12" Valingie (SP) tang, purple, sailfin, and kole tangs, breeding calrkii clowns, blue throat trigger 7" yellow wrasse and several other fish tntm.
I'm an engineer for Beckman Coulter corporation out of Brea Calif and travel quite a bit for business and pleasure.

Anyone is more than welcome to come over and visit, talk tank, and/or pick up some coral.


Current Tank Info: 300 gal reef with all the goodies. A 65 gal sump a, 2-65 gal refug/growout and an integrated 65 gal. QT tank. Custom GEO beckett skimmer, GEO Ca reactor, GEO media reactors both GFO and carbon, GEO kalk reactor. 3-250 watt halides.
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