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4th Annual MTRC Frag Swap

What: 4th Annual MTRC Frag Swap! (
When: January 19, 2008. 12:00 - 4:00 PM Central Time.
Where: Pleasant Green Recreation Center in Goodlettsville, TN. A map and directions are on the poster.

Admission Fee:
Admission is $5 for the general public or $3 if you can show current membership in a reef club, FREE for MTRC members and children under 12. Each person admitted will receive a coupon for a free appetizer at the Aquarium Restaurant at Opry Mills (while supplies last), and a door prize ticket.

Table Fee:
The table fee is $25 for a full table, and $15 for 1/2 table. Each reef club who is sending members can have one table for free for their club members. To arrange for a table, contact RC member crumbletop.

Raffle Tickets:
Raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the event. Tickets are $1 each or 25 for $20.

Special guest speaker, Dr. Ronald L. Shimek, PhD will be speaking on the state of the worlds coral reefs and some things we as hobbyists can do to help preserve them.

Still working on sponsors and donations for the raffle. Things are coming along very nicely. Please visit our sponsors page at

Platinum Sponsors:
  • Air, Water, and Ice (7x$30 Gift Certificates, The Cube 150 gpd RO/DI unit). This is an awesome new RO/DI with 2 RO membranes, 3 full sized pre-filters, and a full sized vertical mixed bed color changing DI.
  • The Aquarium Restaurant: (300x Appetizer Coupons, 1x $50 Gift Certificate). The appetizer coupons will be given out to everyone who is admitted to the swap until they are gone. If you have not been, the Aquarium Restaurant at Opry Mills Mall is awesome and is worth a trip. Beautiful 200,000 gallon aquarium, and you can even arrange "back stage" tours!
  • Reef Nutrition: (4x Reef Nutrition Sampler Packs with Live TigerPods, plus ArctiPods, RotiFeast and PhytoFeast concentrates.) Randy, from Reed Mariculture and Reef Nutrition will also be setting up a table at the Swap. This stuff is awesome food for your reef
  • Hamilton Technology (250W 10K Ocean Lite Halide bulbs, 55W PC actinic and 10K bulbs, Digital Timers).
  • Red Sea Max. A complete Red Sea Max aquarium setup including stand and Max starter kit containing everything needed to start the system up and get it ready for marine animals (starter kit contains 22 lbs. of Reef Base substrate, 55 gal Coral Pro salt, Hydrometer, supplements needed, food, test kits, etc.)
Gold Sponsors:
  • Tunze USA (Tunze Nanostream 6025, 2x Baensch Marine Atlas, Volume 1)
  • Reef Geek (ATI T5 light bulbs)
  • Sunlight Supply (Reef Optix 150 watt HQI pendant)
[*]Seachem (Bottles of Reef Plus, Reef Complete, Reef Carbonate, and other supplements)[*]ORA Farms (Corals)
  • Premium Aquatics (3x$10 Gift Certificates)
  • ($50 Gift Certificate)
  • Oceans Wonders

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