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Annual BBQ/Frag Swap!! August Meeting - August 13th.

Since it is the summer, and, we have SEAMAX in just a few weeks - we are foregoing our meeting this month...



So, if we don't see you at SEAMAX, I hope to see everyone at our BBQ next month. We hope to have a ton of great raffle prizes to give away, and like always, its going to be a great time had by all!

Now my turn...

SeaMax is going to be a BLAST!! After returning home from SeaMax, and recovering, Angie and I will start preparing for the yearly SPCDA Frag Swap/BBQ, at our home! Joanne, I'll probably attempt to recruit you, for some help, as I promise not to run out of propane this time! We'll probably have the pool set up, for kids. Meat will be provided, in the form of burgers and hotdogs. We'll ask members to bring a dish, for a Potluck style FEAST!! Last year, we had some GREAT DISHES!! Osiel and his family brought over some amazing mexican cuisine, Ben made up some killer skewers, I burnt a bunch of burgers and singed all the hair off of my arms!!

Did we mention that, along with the BBQ, we'll have a great Frag Swap??
As with last year, we'll have a stock tank set up, for people to put corals in. Once all the corals are added, we'll be adding Interceptor, as a precautionary measure! Please feel free to bring corals to sell/trade/donate, to other members of our great club!

Last year, we had a great turn out! Angie and I lost track, at 52! Yes, we had at least 52 amazing hobbyists here! Let's get an even larger attendance this time!!

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