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Multi-controller 7094 supports this function, but pumps are switched on or off alternately. According to my opinion Tide mode is possible realized with multi-controller and Tunze Stream pumps. If you program multi-controller to Tide mode, pump will be switched off and there is a problem. When pump is switched of, it is possible that small fish will enter in pump and will be damaged when pump will be switch on again.

But on the other hand Tide mode (6 hours) together with pulse mode (waves) is the most natural combination, so that is the most important reason, why I searched for another solution.

I have transformer for 2 pumps 120VA, multicontroller and I also tested system with two pumps, but I found out that rotating is better solution.

According to may test, I have better water flow with one rotating Tunze Stream then with two fixed Tunze Streams.

I agree, that on the other hand, you only need to buy two Streams and one multicontroller and no additional work is required.
In my sollution , there is also some DIY, but you will get additional bonus (only one pump in aquarium). Tunze Stream pums are quite big.

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