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Originally posted by Unresistible Blue
What was the overall cost of your set up?
Overall cost of my set up is 345 EURO.

1x Tunze Stream 6000 (200 EURO),

1x 2x ? V transformer , (15 EURO) (optional)

1x Belimo LM24 (65 EURO),

1x Tunze SingleController (50 EURO)in

controller used for rotating Belimo. LM24 (2 Ch. Timer 15 EURO).

I use my aquarium controller for rotating Belimo. LM24. Two reley outputs are used for rotate clockwise and rotate anti clockwise.

Simple timer can be also used for rotating Belimo.

Originally posted by Unresistible Blue

How has your system performed in terms of holding up to corrosion?
Belimo LM 24 has some parts , which are rustable, so you have to protect Belimo LM 24 against marine water. I protected Belimo LM24 with plastic casing.

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