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Bring us up to date on your dosing of AlgaeFix. How many doses?

You have quite an assortment of unwanted pests in your tank.

What are your current phosphate and nitrate levels? I see Xenia in there, so you can not reduce nitrates too low.

If you are having problems removing the pest and keeping up, I would concentrate on one section of your tank at a time. Remove as much as possible of your pests in that one area. If you have too much growth, this will diminish the effects of the AlgaeFix. I have found that once you clear a section away it will stay that way if you continue dosing the AlgaeFix. The areas where the pest is hard to reach will have to be dealt with in some manor. Perhaps being creative with some device to hook the growth away will work if you can't reach it. There is too much pest mass to gain control IMHO.

Some of the hobbyists in this thread have mixed the AlgaeFix dose required in some tank water and then have used a turkey baster to apply it directly on their pest. This has seemed to help.

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