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Originally posted by saltshop
This was the main sticking point originally in the past debates and it is true 100-200 species can live in environments at temperauters below this. Those species that are able to tolerate the lower temps have shown that they indeed can survive grow and even reproduce at those temps. However, there are 300-400 species that cannot survive temperatures below this, or least have not yet to date.
Could you direct us to the studies that have shown that 300-400 species cannot survive temperatures below this? In fact, can you show us any sps study that has demonstrated that a single coral cannot survive in 78 degree water?

Regarding your comment about bacteria, in one study corals infected with Vibrio survived in cooler water but succumbed in warmer water, so there is some evidence that corals can handle infection better in cooler water (perhaps because of slower bacteria growth).


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