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LOL...I see Richard has made his way back to the forum through a different ISP...congrats. My original words "Not this crap again! " seemed to be quite

[Originally posted by GSB

Could you direct us to the studies that have shown that 300-400 species cannot survive temperatures below this? In fact, can you show us any sps study that has demonstrated that a single coral cannot survive in 78 degree water?

581+ nominal species in the central Indo 100-200 in Fiji. Need I say more?

Regarding your comment about bacteria, in one study corals infected with Vibrio survived in cooler water but succumbed in warmer water, so there is some evidence that corals can handle infection better in cooler water (perhaps because of slower bacteria growth).

Never mind Dr, Ron covered this way better than I ever could. Hey, maybe you can bring back that worthless piece of trash article on testing for bacteria levels in tanks and we can rehash that again??? Still waiting for an explanation as to why you mis-represented Veron in past discussions....

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