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I feel that I'm very close to winning this battle, but need help to push them over the edge. All i have done is start to feed heavy, remove skimmer, and siphon them into my filter sock every day or every other day. Nitrates and phosphates still not registering on test kit (API, i know, i know.) They only seem to be on sand bed, especially where it meets up with the tank's glass. I'm running Pura Carbon in bag and BRS phosphate media in bag.

I'm not sure they are even still dino's anymore. But they do (very slowly) come back during the lights on period, over the coarse of a day or two.

Any help greatly appreciated. Last couple days of posts have been great.

I'm going to run over to my phone now and post some pics of what i have.

Oh yeah, one more thing, seem to have trouble growing coralline. Alk at 10, Calcium at 450, Mag at 1500

One more thing, I do have hair algae growing a bit on most rocks, thats why i just added phosphate media


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