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Originally Posted by Dfee View Post
Why do we think coralline recedes and turns white? Alk, mag, and ca all good. Dino's not necessarily on the parts that turn white
Calcification often stops in corals and they lose their color. Same goes for coralline.
Why this happens has not been proven yet but I find these causes to be likely:

Coralline repels dinos with their chemical defenses. If you place dry rock on top of the coralline, dinos will settle there.

The toxic soup can get to leathal levels. At lower levels I don't find it odd that life struggles.
I've had light gray M capricornis and elephant skin looking pale gray for months. You would swear they were dead. Same goes for the coralline. It's pale gray, not white and still alive.

Beneficial bacteria is kept down by the dinos.

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