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Originally Posted by cardiffgiant View Post
Agreed, but on RC I can tell how long people have been posting, how much they post, and I can quickly pull up some past info to see if they've been accurate (or if they've been good sellers/buyers) in the past. Those aspects aren't as easy to determine on FB.
At first I was going to agree with this.... but after thinking about it, if I don't know a person (on fb or RC) I'm going to look for your creds (if I'm looking for a credible answer).

RC goes by usernames. Yeah... I know some of these people and their credibility. fb is a little different for me- I don't friend complete strangers. Before I accept or send a friend request I gotta know something about you.
On a public forum, ANYBODY can reply.
On my fb feed my stuff is only shared with my friends... and THAT deck is STACKED.

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