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Group Buys

A "Group Buy" is defined as a group of hobbyists pooling their orders to save shipping costs and potentially get a group discount. Reef Central has never allowed "global" group buys - ie, group buys that cross local boundaries and involve drop shipping to multiple addresses (often in multiple states). Those aren't "group buys," but vendor sales in violation of RC's commercial rules, and in fact often involve the same individual organizer for multiple sales (ie, they're running their own basement business).

So, let's be clear: Local Club sanctioned Group Buys are okay. The organizer cannot be affiliated with the vendor or product(s), nor have a greater monetary or other benefit than other participants. If the group buy involves shipping to multiple addresses and/or involves non-local participation the sale will be removed and the organizer will receive an infraction (which can lead to Probationary status and loss of sales and PM privileges, so don't go there).

Thank you for your cooperation and helping to return the focus of the forums to the exchange of reef-related information.

EDIT: After consideration we have decided to allow individual ship group buys. However they must be conducted in the vendor's forum. All other rules still apply. Thank you.

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