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Originally Posted by BClute View Post
You should put the heater in one of the chambers in the back of the tank. The clownfish like to rub up against things and could very well burn themselves.

Also, has the tank cycled? The rock looks very clean for a freshly cycled tank lol.

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Good to know about the heater. Putting it in back will keep the water the desired temperature? They mostly stay to the other side of the tank. They like to hang out by the filter intake.

I belive it has cycled. The rock was dry rock so maybe that's why it's so clean? LFS recommended cycling using SeaChem Stability, which we did. The bottle said we would be up and running in a week, we waited 2. We had spikes of ammonia and nitrates. Didn't add anything until they were at zero. Talked to two LFS and had water tested by them before we added any fish. Everything in the tank seems to be active and healthy. I hope I haven't screwed up!!

Last night I found the suspected dead snail. He was alive and eating, also seemed a little ****ed that he was uncovered. Apparently the Nassarius snails don't like to be seen together

The clown fish are friendly little buggers! They come right up when I'm filling test tubes to test the water (I test levels every other day to make sure things are in check and there are no surprizes. If there are changes that appear to be sudden, I test even if everything was stable the day before).

I have discovered that all of the creatures prefer frozen food to pellets (I don't blame them). Right now we are feeding mysis shrimp, Omega 1 Carnivore (I think thats what it is) and Ocean Nutrition Formula 1 pellets. The preference by all seems to be the Omega 1. Both of the shrimp come out for that one!

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