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Originally Posted by MyHouseIsAZoo View Post
I will move the heater tonight. It looks better when you can't see it anyway!

Glad it doesn't seem like I messed up the cycle. I'm trying to make sure I'm doing my research and doing things right. When we've had freshwater tanks, losing a $12 fish wasn't devistating. Losing a $50 shrimp, would put a slight damper on my day.

Yup sounds like you're doing great! And it will def look better with the Heater in the back [emoji851]. Also seems like you got lucky, every time I cycle a tank I always get some sort of algae outbreak, although don't be too surprised if you get one. I'd def make sure you set up your Rock work so you can fit your hand between said rock and the glass all the way around. There's nothing more annoying than having a piece of glass you can't clean dude to poor planning. Let us know if you have any other questions! [emoji3]

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