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The galaxea is perking back up! Sunday morning it had a couple of sweepers extended when I turned on the lights. It is also puffing back up a bit (the ends were always a bit bulbous). I have hope that it is going to make it.

No big changes in the tank. Still loving to watch it. Everyone has their own personality.
The clown fish are always coming up to greet anyone who walks past the tank, even the dogs (I am constantly cleaning nose smudges off the glass).
The goby (Goby-1-knobe) comes out when he thinks he will get food. Otherwise he is pretty shy.
When I'm feeding, Bob-the-Builder (the pistol shrimp) will make a few appearances. He has managed to tunnel from one end of the tank to the other, so they will surprise us and pop out of a different hole some days.
The blood shrimp has a ledge that he always hangs out under, but when I feed he will emerge. I've been turning the lights off completely at night instead of leaving the moonlight on and he is often hanging out on top of the rocks when I turn on the first lights in the morning.
Tyson the boxing crab is our biggest hider. I keep fearing he is dead because no one has seen him for days, then he will be out playing when someone walks past. He was out scampering about Sunday morning when I turned on the first light.

Now if the crabs and snails would get the algae off the rocks so the tank isn't so green we would be golden!

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