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Originally Posted by rigo07 View Post
Let me know when u get here Iíll be interested in the orange shoulder if I might be able to hold some of them it all depends if I got the other tank runing still

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Thanks man sounds good.

I took most of the fish and coral out of the 300 yesterday(very depressing day) and put it all in a 40 gallon. Hard to look at the 300 torn apart especially since I only had it for like 5 months. I'll have to take all of the rock out to catch the remaining fish(melanarus, kole, watchman, chromis, orange shoulder, and yellow tang). Giving the yellow tang
and watchman to my buddy. Surprisingly the 40g doesn't look that cramped, but you can tell the powders not digging it lol. Hopefully i can set up a 75 or 90 when i get to Colorado. If not ill give em all away. Im getting an apartment so ill have to find one that allows a tank.
I'll post pics of the 40 when lights come on.

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