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Originally Posted by greengeco82 View Post
I need help. My metering valve does not fit to the bubble counter or any other npt threads. The swagelok website says my metering valve is 1/8" but the threads seem to be 1/16." SO, I bought a 1/8" to 1/16" NPT adapter, but the threads are not the same pitch. Anyone have any good advise on what part to order? In the bottom picture I have a 1/8 to 1/16 NPT adapter, and it doesnt work.
Screenshot_20170817-152923 by [url=[email protected]/]
20170817_152752 by [url=[email protected]/]
So, it looks like you have a brass metering valve that takes 1/8" tube fittings. if the nut and ferrule are brass, then you'll need the corresponding brass tube fitting with a 1/8" MPT end, part#: B-2-TA-1-2

If you go with a stainess steel fitting, SS-2-TA-1-2

Then you'll need the corresponding stainless steel 1/8" nut and ferrule to attach to the metering valve threads. When it comes to tube fittings, you must keep the metals the same, brass tubes get brass nuts and ferrules and stainless steel tube fittings get stainless steel nuts and ferrules.

Both of those fittings have a proper 1/8" MPT end that will fit the bubble counter.

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