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Originally Posted by reefgeezer View Post
No nitrates, tank is grounded, GAC will be gone.

I can't get that Tang to eat Nori or anything in sheet form. He gets some algae from grazing constantly but there isn't much in the tank. He won't eat wafers either. He'll eat flakes so I've been feeding the herbivore version. I also feed Brine & Mysis which he loves. I suppose I could soak those in Vitachem.
Are you using carbon in a reactor? I use carbon and have no issues but my carbon is a media bag that stays in the high flow area of the sump, it is not in a reactor.

Imo HLE is mostly a nutrition issue. You can try to feed nori to the tang by cutting it into flake sized pieces, soaking those in selcon (or vitachem) and feeding that like regular flake food. I am pretty sure it would gobble them up.

You dont need to use selcon every meal but once a week would really help (vitachem could be used even less). Also I would use omega one algae sheets for this since those are less fibrous than most other algea sheets and most fish can eat them more easily.

To be honest I never feed tangs or rabbitfish using algae clamps or pouches. For me it always caused aggression since all fish come close to each other and the most aggressive fish gets greedy and try to chase others away. It is normal since in nature most of these fish are pretty territorial about their grazing grounds. So using a scissor I cut the sheets into bite size squares, soak them in selcon or tank water for 5-10mins and feed that.

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