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Thanks for all you have contributed to making Reef Central what it is.

Description of RC ROTM:

In appreciation and honor of the members that regularly contribute to our discussion forums, we would like to acknowledge a Reefer each month that stands out as exceptional for their outstanding service to others. This person will be selected by the Reef Central Staff, based on their willingness to help others in response to questions, giving advice, and overall disposition. The honoree will be given the Reef Central ROTM tag, that will appear above their avatar and will follow them for one year after being awarded. This will not only demonstrate to others that you have been chosen as a trustworthy source of information, but also as a positive role model for others to emulate. Additionally, we are pleased to upgrade your membership to "premium" for one year.

We look forward to honoring one person, each month, by highlighting them in the Reef Discussion and New to the Hobby Forums. This will include a recent photograph of yourself, or your avatar if you prefer not to show your actual face, along with what you love about the hobby of reef keeping and why you have chosen Reef Central to be your home. Each month the face and paragraph of the ROTM will change, but you can forever hold the honor of knowing that you were one of the chosen few to have earned this title and our respect as a member in great standing.

Best Regards,

The RC Staff

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