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Originally Posted by Heuristic View Post
LOL things may be suddenly making since... so about a month ago I was having some GHA issues, so I decided to throw in a bag of chemipure phosphate removal in to my filter sock. Since then I have seen absolutely zero hair algae growth(nor cheatomorpha in my fuge), but in the last few days I am starting to see an increase in dino growth. I am thinking this because I have removing too much phosphates(they read 0) so now the dino is starting to strive. I am thinking when I change the filter sock tonight I will just leave out the bag and see if that improves. I now have a fox face in the main tank, so a little hair algae won't hurt anyways.

Anyone else agree this is probably what is sparking my dino outbreak?
It seems like removing the bag of chemipure is working. I still have some dino, but they are not getting worse.

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