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I've been dealing with dinos for over a year....I tried most methods and nothing phased them. Suddenly, they are gone! I gave up trying stuff and just tried to ignore them. Due to neglect, other algae started to pop up. Dinos remained though, they grew on top of the algae I was growing all over the rock. So in attempt to kill off the "normal" algae I decided to start up some phosphate remover. I usually run GFO, but for some unknown reason I just decided to use up some phosguard I had. In the past GFO had no effect on my dinos - in fact usually a bloom happened after changing it, probably the iron I always assumed. Anyways, I added in some phosguard, which I never use, due to fear of aluminum leeching, but had some laying around, so what the heck.

Within 2-3 days I noticed a dramatic reduction in dinos. I decided to suck out what I could that remained into a thick filter sock and doubled the phosguard and changed it after 3 days. It has been a week now and dinos are "visibly" gone. I can't find a single dino strand.

I will report back if they remain at bay. A miracle folks, or perhaps just a dumb coincidence. I continue changing out my phosguard every 3-4 days...

Before everyone goes off and tries phosguard, give me to some time to report back. I still can't believe my eyes when looking at the tank.

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