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Originally Posted by Montireef View Post
Almost one month later I am spotting some ostreopsis cells on the microscope. They were gone, but now they are back.
Hmm, it will be interesting to see if the dinos are kept in check by the introduced organism, or if you are in for another round of dinos having the upperhand. Are you still seeing the protists in your samples with the dinos?

I would suspect that dinos are in most tanks, and only become an issue when the situation presents allowing them to bloom into plague proportions. So having (some) dinos may be a good thing, otherwise the dino predators may go the way of a nudi that runs out of aiptasia.

I would also suspect that it may be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Unless you can happen on a dino being vigorously attacked in a sample, it would be very hard to find the right organism. Even a 100 Gal tank would be like looking at a 40,000 gal tank when using a 400x magnification.


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