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ok so listen.... I JUST beat this stuff..... I've been having issues with it for a 3 months in my 200 gallon, i tore down my 90 gallon because of it in the past... i've done black out, no water changes, THE BEST HUSBANDRY, Hydrogen peroxide, etc..... I know i had dino because I confirmed it with a microscope.

a sure way that finally worked for me was this:
I cleaned out as much as i could as possible everyday... didn't do a water change for a month...

then one day i completely cleaned the tank the best i could with turkey basting, netting, etc. i cut the lights and covered my sps tank for 5 solid days. and i dosed FAUNA MARIN ULTRA ALGAE X EXCACTLY... i'm going to say EXACTLY one more time, as the manual describes. after 5 days all the algae was either gone or dead white. i kept dosing ultra algae x for a week after this stuff. it hasn't come back yet but i haven't done a water change either so you never know. i may still be in the boat. but there's literally no signs of it... i dosed after there were no signs as well. i just stopped 4 days ago. so the tank has been clean for 2 weeks

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