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Continuing the list of questions...

I am converting my 180 gallon (72" wide X 24" deep X 24" tall) tank that is currently in the office to the sump for this tank.
Since this is a tempered glass tank, they will have to replace one of the panels to have the holes for the return.
Sump sock fittings will be retrofitted in, a compartment for the skimmer to sit in, a refugium (I'm thinking 2'6" - 3' for the refugium), and then the baffles before the return compartment.
I have a 4' wide HO T5 fixture that I'm thinking will work over the refugium area.
The return pump that I will be using is my current Dolphin diamond abrasive's currently turned half way down on the current 180 gallon.
My thoughts are that the water turn over rate from tank to sump does not have to be that great... I want the water to sit in the sump longer. I will achieve the water flow rate needed for SPS inside the display tank with the MP's. This is my opinion...suggestions welcome...

Protein Skimmer:
I am currently looking at two Reef Octopus skimmers that I need to pick one... one has two pumps and the other has 3 pumps. I am not sure yet on which one. I may go with the one with 3 pumps as I think the SPS will need "super" clean water. Please let me know your thoughts.
Some LFS suggested the Bubble Magnus brand skimmer?...
Also, should this be a re-circulating skimmer?... I have not come around to researching this yet... any advice would be great.

Display Tank Return:
I am thinking of having only two returns.... one on each side of the overflow.

Display Tank Power Heads:
Since the right side of the tank will be for viewing as well, I am considering putting the MP's on the left side of the tank only. Initially I was thinking having two MP60's on this left side.
After thinking about it, I am considering having 3 MP40's on this left side and possibly 1 more MP40 on the back of the tank but on the right side.
I definitely like the idea that the MP's will communicate with the Radion light fixtures...

Display tank stand:
The stand will be a custom stand because it will be higher than most on the market. The stand is also behind a wall so it will not be visible anyways.
It will be constructed of tube steel and welded together.

Currently I am working on a Google Sketchup model of the entire setup, including the plumbing. I'll post it when it is done for further advice.

My next post will be about the equipment in the fish room and it's setup as I need a lot of advice on this.

Thanks for the advice and comments and hopefully you will come back to see my progress and help guide me.

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