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Originally Posted by gveng View Post
their are a bunch of us in Southern California, if you need help just ask. our local reef club forum is located here:

1 radion will only cover a 18"x18" area and are not recommended for deeper tanks (>24"), so you are looking at a minimum of 6 for that size tank. Might want to look at the AI Sols as a cheaper alternative.

good luck, keep us posted!
Not sure I agree with the need for six Radions. Agreed that the depth could present a challenge but frankly, I run two over a 4' 110 and can grow colorful SPS down at the sandbed. It's 10" shallower than the OP tank but I'd say you won't have any problem growing whatever you want with four. Of course, I'd make sure I built a sufficiently flexible lamp hanger to allow for additions since I'm wrong every single time I say something incorrect.

I want to burn twice as bright and half as long. Oh, and a full tank crash is just an excuse for a new build.

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