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Things I did to beat Ostreopsis Ovata that worked or at least helped.
Somewhat in order.

-No water changes.
-Manual removal....blowing off rocks and corals and vacuuming.
-Got microscope to ID and verify progress.
-10uM filter socks.
-Removed sand bed.
-Dirtied up the water....raised po4 to .03ppm and no3 to 5ppm from 0.
-Allowed green algae and cyano to grow.
-Added many diverse forms of plankton and cleanup crew.... from 1/2 dozen different suppliers.
-Started culturing and dosing phytoplankton and copepods.
-After I couldn't find anymore dinos I used chemiclean to remove the cyano.
-Installed a new shallow sand bed....caribsea seaflor special.
-Began loving the hobby again.

NOTE1: early on I was dosing beneficial bacteria but stopped and haven't added any since.
NOTE2: I used algaex to try to rid bubble algae that decimated my ecosystem and brought on my dino bloom.

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