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I tried the following:

Lights out multiple times - Worked until lights came back on
H2O2 dosing with lights out - No difference
Daily sandbed cleaning - worked everytime for 2 hours lol
Cuprisorb - Worked at first but maybe my imagination
No water changes
Lots of water changes - Made them worse
GFO - made them worse

I need to actually explain my situation a little. I did actually defeat the dino before taking the tank down. The way I did this was turn off skimming and stop water changes. Basically I neglected my tank for 6 months. The only thing I did was feed the fish and topoff. The unfortunate outcome was a loss of all SPS corals.

I now have a new 260G tank that is around 3 months old. I re-used my rock and put new sand in it. Cycle was short. I now appear to have the same crap on my sand bed but I am hoping its because my phosphates are high (0.1). Right now I am not going to worry about it because its not that bad. Once I get my phosphates to a good range (0.05 - 0.02) and still have the issue I will worry. Right now I am waiting on a new skimmer that is properly sized. Once I get it I will run it along with Carbon dosing.

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