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Originally Posted by RcManChild View Post
I have the Nuvo 20

I got the ghost mate protein skimmer and am just using the sock for filtration. Where should this Media rack go??.. I am not fully understand the purpose and necessity of it..
The media basket goes in the 1st chamber (where your overflow is). In the IM 20 I think you actually have 2 of these chambers. It is a method of directing your water through a variety of filtration media.

Typically the first layer will be filter floss to physically remove any detritus and prevent it from being suspended in the water column. After the filter floss is where people diverge on what they put in the media baskets. I run mine with chemi-pure elite, then purigen. I run the chemi-pure elite for carbon/gfo, and then the purigen is a resin based filter media that absorbs organics before they can break down and pollute the water.


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