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I know I haven't updated this thread in a long time, for that I apologize, however as I said I was slowly getting everything together. I have most of my needed supplies to finally get the tank up and running. All I am waiting on is my stand which arrives in the mail tomorrow! Super excited

Today I finished aquascaping my dry rock into what I wanted as a base:

All the rocks are held together and to the plastic base using Oceans Wonders epoxy putty for those wondering.

My LFS has vats of live rock so I will have to go hunting for some good pieces that will fit into the rock work, I'm hoping to add some sort of hiding spot towards the rear right so I'll be looking for rocks to add that effect.

After the stand comes tomorrow I'll put it together. Once stand is set to go I'll get water in with the arag-alive and everything running on the tank.

The excitement is building.

How long should I run the tank with just the base rock and arag-alive? Do I need to add anything to get the bacteria on the arag-alive to start working?

Lets get reefin!

Current Tank Info: 10g Nuvo fusion reef

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