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Contact info

In an effort to improve worldwide support, we are monitoring this forum 7 days a week and will generally respond to questions same day. If you have a question, feel free to start a thread in this forum.

North American service & support can be reached via email at:
s.leif "at"

For general inquiries and North American stock availability, Royal Exclusiv USA can be reached via email at:
Info "at"

Royal Exclusiv USA website:

International inquiries, service & support can be reached via email at:
Info "at"

Royal Exclusiv International website:

Please note that at this time, Royal Exclusiv USA website only reflects inventory on hand for general sales. It doesn't reflect our entire product line or what is in transit from Germany to our Ft. Myers Florida warehouse. Our inventory at our Ft. Myers facility changes with regularity. For general product information, specifications and manuals for Bubble King Skimmers, Dream Box filtration products including Dream Box Sumps, Red Dragon Pumps as well as spare part information, please refer to our international website for our complete product listing at:

Director Customer Support Royal Exclusiv USA
For All Royal Exclusiv & Bubble King questions please refer to our Sponsor forum:

Current Tank Info: 480G display mixed reef, 90G sump, 90G refugium, 60G display refugium. Check out my build thread:
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