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Originally Posted by ClownBubbaJoe View Post
I have a Jebao nano pump controller and I'm real happy with it so far, after 6 months.
We're setting up a 125g mixed reef of corals and community fish, so I'm looking at the Jebao 9000, 12000 or their brand new pump.

I'll build a manifold to T-off to run other equipment.

So, I'm wanting your long term,.... reviews, thoughts and recommendation's of their larger return pumps and
if you have tested the brand new one below.

Thank you,

THEIR NEW DC "T" pump on Fish Street's website-

13/1/2015 Memory Function add on all DCT Series
1/1/2015 Release New Type of Jebao DCT4000/ DCT15000 Pump

17/12/2014 All DC Pump will free upgrade to DCT Series

23/4 US Warehouse stock for DC12000. US Customer can order here to save shipping

3 Way Water Divider

and in EU country, we also in stock on it. Please order in our UK warehouse if you are in EU country

03/11 Provides AU/EU/UK/US Plug, English Maual, only in FishStreetStore for Authorzied Distributor

The New Jebao DCT Return Pump is avaiable for Fish Street Store Now!

EU / UK / US / AU Plug avaiable FULL in stock now

From 110V to 240V Voltage, WorldWide Available!

What Difference for the Jebao DC Pump and DCT Pump ?

DC Pump is produce on 2013. DCT Pump is produce on 2015.

For the DCT Pump have a new technology move all electricity parts to controller. Make the DCT Pump more stable. High Power with the Pump not affection electricity issue. New ECO Technology using environment materials for build. Provides more safety and reduce the leak issue!

New Controller Arrived in our website (Difficult in Youtube Video)

DC3000 Controller from 900Litres to 3000Litres

DCT6000 Controller from 4000Litres to 6000Litres

DCT8000 Controller from 6000 Litres to 8000Litres

DCT12000 Controller from 8000Litres to 12000Litres

DCT15000 Controller from 9000Litres to 15000Litres

It's a good pump for what its worth $. I love that you can adjust the speed and it's ramping up when turned on , but I have a con about it . The NOISE , it's a very noisy pump. Its even louder then my Vortech.

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