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IMHO it usually is NOT nutrition related. I have seen this LLE in tanks being fed a wide variety of foods (nutritionally dense pellets, sheets of NORI style algae and mysis shrimp) From my experience it is almost always caused by high nitrates. I have struggled with it in the past and all my 'sensitive' fish each all the above like it is going out of style. Until I got my nitrates under control, the LLE will progress.

Just my experience. I did everything from stopping my activated carbon for a month (did nothing) then increased the # of feedings (did nothing) then released my nitrates were 50 PPM.

Once the nitrates were down under 10ppm from carbon dosing daily, all my fish showing LLE slowly began to heal; but it took over a month to get my nitrates into line...and several months for the fish to look healthy again.

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