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Originally Posted by Logzor View Post
Could you tell us more about your ultimate goals/visions of this aquarium? I am curious what you plan on keeping, fish, corals maybe?

Having the water constantly changing would be nice but it sounds like you will have little control over the environment. You will be at the will of the sea, the weather, and other elements.

With sensitive fish and invertebrates, do you think pollution from all of those ships will be a problem? I would think a little diesel would make it into the aquarium at some point. Will you be drawing in water from under the surface?

Will you add any extra lighting to supplement the area covered by the 'seating area'?
Constantly changing water is good but as you said not much control is a problem especially when it comes to things like the red tide and other problems. It is also expensive

As for pollution, we get the water from around 2 - 3 meters under the surface so that helps with the water quality and temperature for that matter. We ran the fish farm through the summer here without any cover with temperatures reaching 48 degrees Celsius (118.4 degrees Fahrenheit) without any temperature increases in the fish farm (it was identical to that of the sea).

There are lighting in the columns between the glass. We can also add lighting under the seating area if required.

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