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Originally posted by dklaue
Does anyone have any idea what this is?
It looks like a rock the size of a small marble, with a dime sized cluster of what looks like fiber optics that glow a pale green in color. I may try to get a clearer picture later and repost. I placed the small rock with it on a protective ledge of another rock so it wouldn’t shift in the current much.

I took readings yesterday before adding anything, and again today and I can see the spike already flowing through the Nitrogen cycle. The ammonia is staying low so far, and being converted very well it seems.

Yesterday is the first number, Today is the second:
Ammonia = 0.1
Ammonia = 0.25

Nitrite = 0.1
Nitrite = 0.4

Nitrate = 10
Nitrate = 20

I can’t stop watching it, it is so fascinating. The crabs are furiously changing shells. The goby is busy patrolling. The anemone are finding places to attach. Snails are all over the tank. The Gorgonians and sponges are sitting pretty, but I’m not happy with where they are, will have to work on it. The big fan worm is busy filtering when the decorator crab isn’t bothering it. There is just so much to watch.

Again, Thank you very much Richard.
You did a great job on your tank! I am impressed!

little green alien guy is a ricordia ....from the Keys!

and the "fan worm" is a feather duster, from Haitai....

Richard TBS

oh yea...and the plants need to be 'rooted' in the sand, like a small potted plant...they will root in a few weeks.....and eat nitrates while they are at it!

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