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Receding Tissue - Gonistrea Brain

I have a Gonistrea Brain that measures about 3" in diameter and is more or less flat. The tissue is starting to recede. But I also have a Blastomussa wellsi in approximately the same location and it is doing great. It has grown from only having four polyps to eight polyps in a year. My parameters are:

Ph - 8.0
Nh4 - 0.0
Nh2 - 0.0
Nh3 - 0.1
Po4 - 0.01
Ca - 1440
Temp varies from about 77 to 78.5
Sal - 1.025
Lights - Current 24" With Blue @ 75%, White @ 25% and Red and Green @ 15%
Water is 8" Deep
Lights are 1.5" off the top of the water.
Flow is a HOB Penguin Power Filter 150

Here is a picture of the Gonistrea brain, you can see the tissue receding at the edges.

Here is a picture of the Wellsi and it is growing well.

Any ideas why the Gonistrea is receding?


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