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Which SALT? (Considering Low SPS load, Weekly Water Changes, & Optional Dosing)

So I found this up to date 2017 Article on Current Reef Salt Parameters

They list this table:

I would agree with the Instant Ocean, but I don't agree with Topic Maurin Pro ALK level (since my Bucket give me Alk=7.0). And Pro has always been low over the few buckets I have purchased.

The issue I am concerned about is that my SPS Coral Load is light.
Alk Still drops weekly, but not too much.

If I use a Salt with a High ALK, a 5% weekly water change won't do much in raising Alk, but it will increase over many water changes.

The other challenge if I use High Alk Salt, is there will be a weekly swing upward, and that will make dosing hard to stabilize as the tank matures.

I think once I have a larger coral load, then it won't be much of a factor.

SO MY DECISION IS to Go with the TOPIC MARIN PRO which I have a bit left.

Yes it is Darn $Pricey$, but this new start deserves one Bucket for a good solid start. And time for me to figure out a dosing regimen.

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