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Found my PERFECT SALT (A mix)

Yes, this may be chasing numbers that won't really matter, but I want to embark on the New Tank Setup Journey with minimal disruption.

I decided to test my Salts, but this time with attention to accuracy.
I calibrated my Reflectometer, heated water to 77 Degrees.

Turns out the AquaForest Reef Salt is not as high as I thought.
It was the Reef Crystals which was around 11.

I got an idea. Instead of buffering up Tropic Marin with Baking Soda. Why not use the higher Alk Salt to do it, by combining salts.

After my tests of Individual Salts, I realized (by calculation average) that a 50/50 Mix of AquaForest RS and Tropic Marin Pro would get me very close to an Alk=7.5.

So I mixed up very well a small bucket of each (to exactly a Salinty of 1.025) and mixed the two accurately at 50% each Salt Mix.

I tested very accurately, with the greatest attention I've ever done. (ie Rinsing vials, perfect drops, no bubbles, etc). Was only satisfied when two tests came back very close.

Here is the method and the results.

I could use slightly less AquaForest and be exactly at ALK=7.5, but is just not worth the effort.

This will save me some money and give me a good Salt with all the micro/macro elements covered.

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