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DOSING Controller (Dosing Head Configuration)

Here is how the Controller is configured.
I decided not to make it tedious thru the LCD/Push Buttons.
Plus the code would be complex to write for Interface, etc.
Future features will be easier to add this way.

The Dosing configuration is within the Aurdino Code.

To make a dosing change, I edit the config and upload into Ardiuno from PC.

Pretty simple as shown below (Example of 1 Dosing Head)

Once the config is uploaded, the Doser Scheduler uses this to run things.

The scheduler uses Queuing Logic:

--> You can Set Dose Head (#01,#02,#03) to all dose as 12:15PM
--> It will queue up each pump at 12:15
--> Two Pumps will never run at same time
--> When Pump one is finished, the Next Pump Starts

Now I run on Water for a week, and it all goes well, I switch to Real Chemicals.

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