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Originally Posted by reefmutt View Post
Those par numbers seem pretty decent, Wally.. although, if it were me, I'd start with 150w or 175.. on that size tank 2x250 just seems overkill. But at any rate, you are right in the ballpark with those readings..
I always let my food scatter.. the fish will get most in the water column and then hunt down most of the rest. After that, I'm sure there a billion critters who will finish off anything that gets left behind.
That cleaner shrimp will also hunt down uneaten foods
For now I'm doing 2x 175W MH. See how things go.
I was 150W, but I felt it wasn't enough.

Here is the test I did last time.
Notice the PAR Range I quoted above is from the Picture on Right (250W)

The tables on left show differences between (175W,250W,HQI).
I never tested 150W since I converted the fixture to 250W so why run 150W.

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